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Where to Buy Black Opal.

Lost Sea Opals

Feast your eyes on Lost Sea Opals from Lightning Ridge's largest on display collection of opalised fossils - bones and plant material from an ancient inland sea.

Lost Sea Black Opal

Featuring stunning solid and inlay Black Opal jewellery from the Lightning Ridge and the Boulder Opal Fields, this is a light and beautiful store. Displays of Black Opalised fossils, Stunning Black Opal inlay jewelry, Silver jewellery, Boulder Opal jewellery, Solid Black Opal jewelry, Books.

Morilla Street, Lightning Ridge, 2834, New South Wales, Australia


Anora Anna Opals

Anora Anna Opals supply all opal grades from the Lightning Ridge opal fields and specialize in gem quality Black Opal and we mine the Opal.
Anora Anna Black Opal

They supply top quality Black Opals either cut and polished, faced, rough supplies and beautiful jewelry. One hundred years of team experience in mining, cutting and selling Black Opal directly from the Opal fields of Lightning Ridge, Australia.

P.O.Box 191, Lightning Ridge, 2834, New South Wales, Australia. 

Opals Down Under

These precious rings, specially handcrafted by Opals Down Under, are single Black Opals in a beautifully designed white gold setting.

Opals Down Under Black Opal
Unique, elegant jewelry designed for your moment, from rough to unfinished stone, Opals Down Under transform raw material into fantastic gems in-house. Specializing in Australian Opals, from Black Opals, boulder, white and crystal opals to opal jewelry.

11 Ballantyne Crt, Palmview, 4553, Queensland, Australia


Black Opal Direct

Australian Black opal is the most rare and expensive type of opal in the world.
With its dark body tone, Australian Black Opal has the ability to make itself brighter than any other opal in the world.
Black Opal Direct Black Opal

The famous Black Opal gems are found in Lightning Ridge, Australia and Black Opal Direct online offers a wide range of Australian opals including Black Opal, white opal, fire opal and crystal opals. Lightning Ridge also produces some of the best Black Opal in the World.

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