Where to find Black Opal

Black Opal has been found many places even though the major world supply comes from Australian mines. The foremost supplier these days being the mines of Lightning Ridge in northern New South Wales, Australia. Black Fire Opal is the official gemstone of Nevada, USA.

Places in the world where where Black Opal has been found:

  • Andamooka, South Australia
Black Opal

  • Jundah, Queensland
Black Opal
  • Lightning Ridge, New South Wales
Black Opal

  • Mintabie, South Australia
Black Opal

  • Erandique, Western Honduras
Black Opal

  • Virgin Valley, Nevada
Black Opal

World Map showing Black Opal find locations

Black Opal
World Map of known Black Opal finds

As can be seen by the map above the actual places this beautiful gem can be found is very limited. Keeping in mind that 99.9% of the Black Opal currently mined is from Australia.

Below is a YouTube Video presented by Sue White on Australian Black Opal and her view is that Australia is the only place Black Opal is found. This is not a widely held belief.

Shakespeare in Twelfth Night wrote "But 'tis that miracle and queen of gems" when referring to Opal.

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